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一直以來甜甜圈被視為罪惡的食物,嚐了一口似是世界末日。然而,在煩囂的日常裡,也許更應及時活在當下,好好放鬆和享受一下美味甜點。SmileDonut™ 希望大家能稍稍放下煩惱,品嚐甜點帶來的幸福感。


Donuts; as a dessert that always is labelled as junk food. Yet no matter how, SmileDonut™ is a self-initiated brand project to encourage people to live in the moment with the taste of doughnuts. To put aside day-to-day duties and pressure, let the happiness of savouring sparks.



設計理念及執行 Project Concept & Execution


SmileDonut™  希望以其出版的刊物去締造,為繁忙的城市人提供一個小小的快樂時光,狂煩擾之中得到一小片喘息空間。此小雜誌是品牌的刊物,營造Smile Donut™ 是個使人放鬆、活力的甜點店,同時也介紹了品牌的商品、製作過程,並以享受美食的女孩的照片來貫穿全書。


Donuts =  a piece of happiness in bustle  / busy breaks

The project utilize its own publication to tell the joy of having donuts, and to motivate people to consume on the brand. Chill, relaxing and vital in mood. 



Smile Donut  –––––  Donut Worry, Be Happy

Just enjoy the happiness!


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A4 size, 20 pages, 4C☓4C 

Model: Li Wing Ka


Happy Donut Time!

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