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ArchiPodcast 建築宅男
Visual Identity Rebrand

“ArchiPodcast 建築宅男” is a Hong Kong based podcast which stressed on architectural related issue and knowledge sharing, including humanity, cultural studies, aesthetics and daily living. 


For podcast is a plane providing different ideas as dots to connect and communicate, empowering people and act-on with their own decision in our community, the re-brand stress on linkage of wide range of ideas and sectors of people.


The rebrand aim to use the five 'Archi-buddies' – Character 'A','R','C', 'H', and 'I', with a specific characteristic itself, manifesting the value of ArchiPodcast. 

Clean, modern and eye-catching geometry shapes are building blocks, symbolizing architecture.


Instagram @archipodcasthk

Facebook @archipodcasthk

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